Julia Cleveland Workshop Series

Julia Cleveland Workshop series brochure coverHANDS ON TAIKO DRUMMING WORKSHOP

This workshop will provide an interactive introduction to Japanese Taiko drumming. This session can be for up to 23 players at once. No previous drumming experience is necessary. Students will learn a few drills and postures important to the tradition. It is a fun and physical activity for all ages. All participants will get to use all sized drums on a rotation.


Celebrate Fat Tuesday with MARDI GRAS CELEBRATION. This 5 piece N’awlins style brass band will have your student’s feet tapping and
hands clapping. Prepare in advance with a mask making class.
You will get a musical taste of the annual fun that includes an impromptu parade.


Listen to Julia’s Modern Jazz Quintet perform jazz arrangements of popular Beatles songs. Discuss a fresh approach to listening to music. Dive into the compositional strengths of these great songs. Experience the sounds of world class jazz musicians LIVE, at your school.


Each Workshop takes a approximately 45 minutes and can be completely customized depending on your needs. For rate and scheduling and any other information please contact:

See the full PDF flyer about the workshops for more information.

I’m looking for new students

Here’s a testimonial:

“As a novice to the world of drumming I must admit that when I first started taking lessons I was very intimidated, shy and nervous! I had no idea what to expect, and although I have drummed a little bit here and there over the last 20 years, I never really took it very seriously which did not help my cause!

I tried one other teacher prior to finding Julia and found myself in a cold, concrete room with a textbook instructer and a white florescent light. Again, this did not help me appreciate the art of drumming on my quest to find the right teacher!

I took a break from it, waited a year, and then decided I was not going to let this deter me from finding the right teacher……which is when I found Julia. I think she knew immediately what she was working with and how little I actually knew about drumming. She learned quickly how I am one of those students who is not disciplined well enough with practicing, who always wants to take the path of least resistance,and is the one who wants the most impactful result without learning the path I took to get there.

In a very short period of time I have learned so much! My brain has been completely rewired on several levels. Julia tolerated my little customer quirks, didn’t get too mad when I forgot to practice, and saw that what I really wanted to do was to learn how to enjoy drumming. We concentrated on learning songs I am familiar with and enjoy, always sending me home with the drive to learn more. Each time I hit a wall of difficulty I could not seem to get my head around, I’d talk to her about it and by the end of the next session I was no longer hindered by it. Always making sure that my expectations were met using the most progressive and challenging methodologies. Our one hour sessions always go by too quickly and I find myself perplexed with the amount of knowledge I walk away with…..always able to apply it and advance in my skill sets.

4 months have now passed since I have started my lessons and I find myself excited to see what is next and how far I can actually take this. I have recorded myself on You-Tubed to see what kinds of reactions are out there…….nothing but compliments! When I started 20 lessons ago I could not even hold the sticks properly, today I am proud to be under the tutalage of Miss Cleveland and am well on my way to becomming a Jedi Drummer!

The bottom line is…..even though she’s too modest to tell you this herself, Julia is an amazing drummer, a patient and knowledgeable teacher, and is a very observant human being! Applying all of that talent to your learning experience…….what more could you ask for from any teacher!?!

It is clear to me that I have the right teacher and I highly recommend anyone looking for drumming lessons to learn with Julia.”


Feel free to contact me cleveland.julia@gmail.com for more information

Grateful for all the amazing musicians I get to play with

I’m very lucky to play with such awesome people.  So the list of players that have been a part of the JC5 experience includes friends who are premier Canadian jazz performers…

Mike Malone, Kelly Jefferson, Adrean Farrugia, Ross MacIntyre, Chris Gale and Amanda Tosoff, Pat Collins, Ryan Oliver, Mike Milligan, Jill McEnna, Eric St. Laurent, Colleen Allen, Jason Logue, David French, Jon Maharaj, Jon Challoner, Perry White, Stacie MacGreggor, Mark Cashion,  Richard Whiteman, Jay Burr, William Sperandei, Christopher Butcher, Tom Juhas, Chris Banks… (and possibly more that I can’t think of right now)

Three dates coming up in June at the Rex

Tuesday June 2,9,16 – 6:30-8:30pm!

Julia Cleveland Trio playing at Gate 403 on Sunday February 8th

I’m excited to announce a trio show coming up in Toronto at Gate 403 ( 403 Roncesvalles Ave.)  We will be playing from 9-12.

The trio is Adrean Farrugia on piano, Ross MacIntyre on bass and Julia Cleveland on drums.

We will be doing some new arrangements of mine as well as old and new tunes, and a selection of standards.

Julia Cleveland Quintet premieres a couple new pieces at the Rex

We had a great gig at the Rex last night.  We played two of my brand new compositions – “Adventure Bite”  – inspired by an adventure I had on a recent trip to Jamaica and “Doesn”t Seem Lucky”, a ballad for my sister.

The band was: Jason Logue on trumpet, Ryan Oliver on tenor saxophone, Adrean Farrugia on piano, Ross MacIntyre on bass and Julia Cleveland on drums.


Montreal Jazz Festival Video Clips

Blue Legs


Police State

Somethen New

Tumble Stumble

Kuta Cocktail

Gotta Go

Markham Jazz Festival – August 18th @ 12:30pm

The JC5 will be performing as part of the Markham Jazz Festival 

Saturday August 18th @ 12:30 – 2:00pm  at the Varley Patio Stage


Listen to Jazz in the City with Jaymz Bee

Jaymz Bee interviewed me and will be playing one of my tunes!

Listen to Jazz FM 91.1 on July 21st between 6-8pm.